Bradford Healthcare's clients are continually turning to us when they are in need of well-qualified candidates. Our clients know that we don’t just rely on job boards or advertisements. Rather, we develop a recruitment plan and strategy to suit your needs. Our techniques include both e-mail and direct mail marketing, as well as direct recruiting and a candidate referral program.

We begin the search process by assessing the quality, skills and experience needed for the position. Next, we assist with any questions regarding compensation, based on our knowledge of the market and competition. We clarify how quickly they need the position filled and their availability for interviewing.From start to finish, Bradford Healthcare provides updates on the progress of the search. We realize the importance of professional communication with our clients.

All our potential candidates for the position are carefully screened to confirm that they meet and exceed the job specifications and requirements. When an appropriate candidate is identified, their resume is presented. We then assist in scheduling and co-ordinating all phone and on-site interviews. At the time of an offer, we work with both the client and candidate to negotiate salary, start date, and any relocation issues.

Our clients know that we are here for them when they need us and for whatever they need us to provide.